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Business Resources

Our goal is to provide our local businesses with the necessary precautions to make sure that all staff members, residents, and visitors are safe and protected. The Northville Township Fire Department does conduct fire protection system plan reviews, site plan reviews, fire protection system inspections and testing and fire and life safety inspections. In partnership with our business community we can help to make sure that everyone is protected.

To schedule an inspection please contact us at (248) 348-5807. Additional resources can be found by clicking on the links provided.

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Tax Incentive for Installation of Fire Sprinklers Available For Small Businesses

Recent federal tax reform legislation — the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — includes incentives that make it more affordable for small business owners to install fire sprinklers. Fire sprinkler systems are the only tool that can reduce the spread of fire, heat and smoke in a building and contain the fire until the fire department arrives. This provides valuable time for employees and customers to escape a fire.

Small businesses can now deduct the expense of installing a fire sprinkler system on their federal taxes. Under Section 179 of the tax code, fire sprinkler installation can be expensed up to $1 million for each year of the expense. This incentive makes it possible for restaurants, retail outlets, night clubs and other small businesses to install, retrofit or upgrade their current fire suppression systems. Also, small businesses can deduct the interest from any loan they receive for this type of renovation.

For more information, please visit the U.S. Fire Administration's website.