Need Assistance/File Complaint

Need Assistance/File Complaint

Common Complaints

Some of the more common complaints include:

Vehicles - Unlicensed, inoperable, dismantled and or abandoned vehicles are not allowed anywhere on private property unless housed within a garage.

Storage - Motor homes, travel trailers, snowmobiles, boats, and miscellaneous trailers may be stored within a garage or within the rear yard only. Commercial vehicles over one (1) ton may not be parked or stored anywhere on residential property.


  • Recreation trailers or recreation vehicles may be parked in the front yard for loading, unloading, cleaning and maintenance purposes and for a maximum duration of 48 hours.
  • Check with your home owners association regarding storage in your area.

Unsanitary Conditions - Trash, rubbish, garbage, miscellaneous junk, stagnant water, improper storage etc. is not permitted.

Grass Complaints - Grass on developed lots that exceed 10" in height are in violation.

Water restrictions - Click Here for more information.

For Ordinance complaints, please call the Township Ordinance Enforcement Department at (248) 662-0499 or by e-mail

Other Complaints

For any other complaints please contact the appropriate agencies as listed below:

Road Complaints
Potholes, traffic signals, ditching, road dust and dead animals on the street etc.
Contact Wayne County/Norton Yard
(888) 762-3273

Missing or Damaged Street Signs
Wayne County Sign Shop
(734) 955-2135

Odor, Dust, Industrial air emission and other air quality related complaints. Landfill, illegal dumping, soil runoff from construction sites, water pollution, industrial sewage discharges.
Wayne County Dept. of Environment
(888) 223-2363

Truck Complaints
Officer Daniel MacArthur,
Motor Carrier Officer for the Northville Township Police
(248) 349-9400