Spring Is Here!

Spring Is Here!

Spring is here!
Posted on 04/23/2019
FlowersCurbside Yard Waste

Yard Waste Yard waste collection is part of your solid waste program. GFL will be collecting yard waste on your regularly scheduled service day. Yard waste will be collected in a separate truck starting on the third full week of March and ending the third full week in December. Please have your yard waste out for collection by 7 a.m.

Yard waste includes:
Garden waste, leaves, lawn cuttings, shrubs & tree trimmings/ pruning waste. Please place your yard waste out in 32-35 gallon plastic and metal containers marked “Yard Waste.”  If you need a sticker, you can pick one up free of charge at Township Hall.

Biodegradable (kraft bag) yard waste paper bags can also be set out for collection during the compost season. To eliminate spillage and possible injury, please do not overload containers. Weight limit on 32-35 gallon containers is 50 pounds, and biodegradable bags depend on manufacturer’s recommended capacity.

FYI: Bundled brush and tree limbs larger than 2 inches in diameter will be collected with the trash. Bundles should not exceed 4 feet in length, 18 inches in diameter and 50 pounds in weight. Please tie with heavy twine or rope.

Not considered yard waste:
• Dirt 
• Sod 
• Large stumps 
• Sand 
• Gravel 
• Animal feces 
• Dead animals