Are Lawn Care Services Permitted to Operate?

Are Lawn Care Services Permitted to Operate?

Are Lawn Care Services Permitted to Operate?
Posted on 04/13/2020
Township LogoOn Thursday, April 9, Governor Whitmer extended the “Stay Home Stay Safe” Executive Order 2020-42 through April 30, 2020. She also released an Executive Order to clarify the permitted activities and updated the Frequently Asked Questions.

Some residents are concerned that they will be unable to maintain their property in a clean and safe condition because the order does not permit professional lawn services to begin work for the season.

 Northville Township takes these concerns very seriously and has communicated them to our local and state representatives. Unfortunately, the Township has no authority to override the Order, choose which portions of the Order to follow or authorize professional lawn services to begin work.

We recognize the difficulties this imposes upon our residents, families, business owners and community partners. It is important to remember that these measures are temporary and that they are in place to help keep us all safe and healthy.

The Governor has expressly addressed this matter in her Frequently Asked Questions stating that in nearly all cases, professional lawn services are not an essential service. However, homeowners are not prohibited from maintaining their own yards.

Our Public Safety Department’s highest priority is combat COVID-19 and keep you safe and healthy during this temporary order. To preserve their resources, they are asking you to continue to follow the Governor’s Executive Order through April 30, 2020.