Site History and Details

Site History and Details

Background and Details

In 2006, 414 acres of property, located in the Township at 7 Mile and Haggerty, was purchased by REIS of Bloomfield Hills. Most residents will remember this acreage as the Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital property. The City of Livonia fought an annexation attempt of this land in 2008 and Northville Township reached a consent agreement with REIS with regard to the property. However, early in 2009, when REIS began harvesting 200 year old trees in an area that had become known as the “virgin” forest, outraged citizens protested. The Township and REIS eventually reached agreement, allowing the Township to buy 234 acres of the property. Added to the 100 acres of the property the Township already owned, this brings the total acreage the Township owns to 334 under terms of the consent agreement. 

In the effort to purchase the property, Township residents approved a bond of $23.5 Million in August of 2009, purchasing it in November 2009. One month later, the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRT) awarded the Township a grant (acquisition money) to assist in the purchase of the property, thereby reducing the bond to $21.5 Million. Township tax payers had been prepared for a 1.15 mill tax increase, but with favorable interest on the bonds sold in December (4.53%) and a reduced purchase price, taxpayers will see a decrease to .9661 mill (this will vary slightly from year to year.) for payment of the property over a 20 year period. REIS is allowed to construct commercial buildings of up to (approximately) 500,000 sq. feet on the remaining 68 acres, with the additional 20 acres committed to buffers and a water feature along 7 Mile and Haggerty Roads.

Planning Help from the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan’s graduate planning students took on the property as their project for the 2010 winter semester, bringing the community valuable planning expertise for the property and at no cost to the Township. Students met with residents in an effort to clarify “hopes and expectations” for the property and translated them, along with consideration of the site’s physical and natural conditions, in to a series of recommendations. The students acknowledged this is the first step in the process and the plans shall be presented back to the community for further input and refinement. The steering committee will be leading this effort. Please click the PDF icon below to view the student’s final presentation which includes the conceptual plan. The full analysis and written document is available in the township’s planning department. 

University of Michigan 7 Mile Property Presentation