Plan Highlights

Plan Highlights

2021 Logo

Why Twenty21?

Twenty21 is the forward focused name for the process of returning the 7 Mile Road Property to the community as a key recreational resource. The name illustrates the multifaceted and multi-step program that will guide development over a ten year period, and beyond, with the goal achieving measurable improvements to the 7 Mile Road Property by 2021. The associated words—recreate, sustain, preserve, educate, connect—denote the core concepts that will guide our work.

Master Plan Project Milestones

April 19, 2011
Twenty21 Green Ribbon Committee Meeting #1

May, 2011
Questionaire and Visual Prefference Survey's out for Comment

June 8-9, 2011
Planning Exercise with Meads Mill Middle School - 6th Grade
Community Design Workshop
Twenty21 Green Ribbon Committee Meeting #2

July - August, 2011
Concept Plan Development

September, 2011
Conceptual Master Plans Available for Public Comment

December, 2011
Joint Meeting with Board of Trustees & Green Ribbon Committee

January 26, 2012
Presentation of the Final Master Plan & Adoption by the Board of Trustees

Concept Plan Feedback Results
November, 2011

As a result of data collected, input from the Green Ribbon Committee and Township Board of Trustees and professional expertise of the design team, four conceptual plans were generated to illustrate potential designs for the future redevelopment of the 7 Mile Road property. The concept plans were available on-line, and at township hall, for five weeks. A feedback form was used to solicit comments specific to each plan. The four concept plans represented different approaches to redevelopment of the 350-acre property. The intent of the feedback was to gage the desirability of specific uses and design features, with the understanding that the final master plan will incorporate desirable elements from each plan.

During the comment period, 918 responses were received. Click here for a summary of all the responses and the detailed results for each plan. A composite graphic was also created which identifies the relative desirability of all the uses presented on the concept plans. The chart identifies a range between one (lease desirable) and three (most desirable). Overall Potential Uses

Township Receives $200,000 EPA Grant to Start Cleanup at 7 Mile Road Property
September 19, 2011

The township received a $200,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assist with brownfield cleanup activities at the 7 Mile Road Property. Northville Township was one of seven communities in Michigan to successfully compete for the current round of brownfields cleanup and redevelopment funding.

The grant will provide the necessary resources to begin the process of remediation and ready the site for future development and recreational use.

Community Design Workshop
June 8 & 9, 2011

7 Mile Property Flyer Thumbnail

As part of the community outreach for the project the township hosted a community design workshop and worked with 6th graders from Meads Mill Middle School.

Community Design Workshop Engages Residents
June 9, 2011

During a full-day Community Design Workshop on June 9, 2011, a host of local residents stopped by to have their say in the development of three conceptual design alternatives for the 7 Mile Road Property. Several stations were set-up around the Township Hall meeting room for participants to engage in the planning and design process.

Throughout the day, residents had the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the property’s existing natural features and potential, as well as environmental and site constraints
  • Explore images of park features that could be included in the new master plan
  • Meet with artists/facilitators to share their vision and see it translated into a graphic representation through a process called Drawing in Dialogue
  • Complete a visual preference survey and community questionnaire
  • Comment on the emerging conceptual design alternatives as they were being developed by park planners and landscape architects

The Township’s design consultant, Stantec, is developing three conceptual alternatives for the property. While different and distinct, each will be based on the original premise that the park should embody the concepts of recreate, sustain, preserve, educate and connect.

The workshop is one in a series of initiatives by the Township to encourage public input for a park master plan. Other efforts include information garnered from a questionnaire and visual preference survey, middle school workshops, public comments, guidance from the Twenty21 Green Ribbon Committee of 30 community representatives, focus groups, Township staff and the Township Board of Trustees.

Community Design Workshop

Community Design Workshop Presentation

Community Design Workshop participants review park design ideas with Stephen Plunkard, a principal and planner with Stantec.

Scott Collard, a senior landscape architect with Stantec, discusses a conceptual design alternative with Northville Township residents.

Meads Mill Middle School Students Help Design New Park
June 8, 2011

In early June, 120 6th grade students at Meads Mill Middle School become park designers for a day, as part of a comprehensive public engagement program for the new master plan for the 7 Mile Road Property.

Four social studies classes worked with officials from Northville Township and the Township’s design consultant Stantec on a creative exercise called, “Park in a Box”. After a brief overview of the project and an introduction to park planning, student teams were given a box containing an array of park features printed on acetate. These toolkits included such elements as an amphitheater, dog park, soccer fields, concession stands, skateboard park, etc.

The students were tasked with arranging the park features on a portion of a large map of the actual 350-acre site. Drawing on their first-hand experience with parks and recreation, students were encouraged to collaborate, negotiate and build consensus on their preferred plan. In addition to the Park in a Box attributes provided, students also created their own elements to further define their vision.

After the exercise, the “new” park maps were reviewed and discussed under the guidance of teachers Amy Soukup, Julianne Howells and Tina MacDonald. Each team named their park and selected a team representative to present their park plan to the larger group.

In addition to the design contribution from the four social studies classes, all 340 6th grade students completed the Township questionnaire and visual preference surveys for the 7 Mile Road Park Master Plan.

The result: students had a real work experience in public participation, consensus building and the planning and design process. As importantly, they can take pride in having an active role in developing a vision for development of this key community natural resource.

Meads Mill Workshop

Meads Mill Presentation

Meads Mill students hard at work designing their parks

Students present the features of their park designs to the fellow classmates

Community Master Plan Process Begins
April 19, 2011

The kick-off meeting for 7 Mile Road Property redevelopment took place on April 19, 2011, when a newly created Twenty21 Green Ribbon Committee (GRC) of community representatives met with Township staff and local consultant Stantec for a day long introduction to the master planning process and site visits.

Led by Director of Community Development Jennifer Frey, the planning and design program will soon create a dynamic vision for future development of the former 350-acre Northville State Regional Psychiatric Hospital property.

The GRC first embarked on visits to two existing local parks to review elements and usage of each. They then travelled to the 7 Mile Road Property where planners discussed site features such as road conditions, access, existing wetlands and woodlands, and environmental issues.

Later in the day, the group met for several lively interactive sessions led by Stephen Plunkard, a licensed planner with Stantec. The group discussed how Northville Township’s personality and principles could be embodied in the master plan in areas such as sustainability, open space, athletic opportunities, active versus passive recreation, historical references, and community access.

The group also explored the importance of safety, sensitivity to neighborhood concerns, and revenue generation to develop and maintain the property. GRC members were encouraged to visualize how the park could be used on a year round basis with a balance of activities and passive recreation opportunities.

The group reviewed two key components of community input, a visual preference survey and a community questionnaire, and discussed the agenda for an upcoming Community Design Workshop.

Twenty21 Green Ribbon Committee
March, 2011

With thanks and gratitude, we announce our Twenty21 Green Ribbon Committee. This group of local residents, business and community leaders, are volunteering their time to work with Township staff and our consultants to help guide the future redevelopment of the 7 Mile Road Property.

Alan Somershoe Gary Sixt Mark Suokas
Bob Nix Jamie Grabowski Michael Savant
Carol Lee Jerry Norcia Mike Wick
Carol Poenisch Joe Vig Nello Stante
Dan Ventimiglia John Cauffiel Pete Wayne
Dan Weber Ken Roth Ronna McDaniel
David Johns Kris Brownfield Scott Baldwin
Dick Brown Lawrence Lax Steve McGuirk
Doug Arenberg Lisa Engler Symantha Heath
Fred Shadko Lynn Betker William Sivy