Seven Mile Property Demolition

Seven Mile Property Demolition

Update: November 30, 2018

NORTHVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich., December 3, 2018 – Supervisor Nix is pleased to announce that on Friday, November 30, 2018, the Northville Psychiatric Hospital finally came down. The tall, nine-story building (with two floors below ground), was by far the largest at 252,174 sq. feet and was used for administrative purposes, patient wards and medical services. It was a long process but we are pleased that it has finally been taken down to grade level. The property has been one of the highest priorities for this Township since 
Supervisor Nix took office in 2012. “For years, these buildings have created blight and have been a significant drain on public safety resources.”

Supervisor Nix, the Township Board and Northville Township staff have worked tirelessly to make this happen and look forward to the future as we continue to progress through the Seven Mile Project.

Our Northville Township Public Safety team does want to remind you that is it is not safe or legal to enter the property and trespassers will be fined. 

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As a result of a successful millage election in 2009, Northville Township acquired and took ownership of the property, which is 350 acres. There were 20 buildings, a water tower, related utility tunnels and roads on site.  The property was purchased with the goal of providing recreational opportunities to Township residents.  A Proposed Master Plan for its development is available for viewing, which will evolve to meet the needs of the Township.

A Baseline Environmental Assessment was completed and a Due Care Plan prepared. The items described for early removal in the Due Care Plan including barrels of paints, solvents and other materials have been completed.  The next effort focused on removal of the power house, maintenance building and adjacent smoke stacks, which was completed in 2012. 2013, continued the remediation of the demolition of Building Number 72.

Once funding was available, the focus turned to the 9 story building (A) and the adjacent buildings.  The removal of these buildings required extensive asbestos remediation before demolition could commence.  The project commenced in late 2017 and the asbestos removal was completed in October of 2018, paving the way for final demolition.  Completion of demolition and site restoration is scheduled for May 2019.  

All demolition activities have been in accordance Federal and State environmental laws included asbestos removal, air quality monitoring by third party consultants and disposal of regulated waste. 

To date, the Township has spent approximately $10 million dollars to remove the 5 buildings. Half of the $10 million came from the sale of the Scott Prison property on the NW corner of Beck and 5 Mile Roads. Approximately $500,000 came from various grant funding and the remainder came from the General Fund. 

Future Development
The developer that sold the Township the property retained ownership of the approximately 80 acres on the SW corner of Haggerty and 7 Mile Roads for commercial development which is subject to a court consent agreement. As part of the commercial development, the consent agreement requires the developer to remove the 4 buildings known as buildings D, E, F & G located in the NW corner of the property. This demolition is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.  

At the conclusion of 2019, the Township will have made substantial progress in remediating the adverse impact of these buildings, although the smaller eleven buildings will still remain.  The Township is continuing to identify funding sources to remove the remaining buildings.  We are pleased with the progress and are hopeful that the removal of these buildings will allow residents to have access to the land sooner.

Press Release on Demolition Plan

Channel Seven Footage of Demolition - November 2, 2018


Seven Mile Hospital

Seven Mile Property

Seven Mile Property

Seven Mile Property

Seven Mile Property

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