No Soliciting Information

No Soliciting Information

New "NO SOLICITORS" Clings Available to Residents

Northville Township recently amended the Soliciting and Peddling Ordinance to now offer residents “No Solicitors” clings to place in windows or doors. The optional “No Solicitors” service is being offered to residents interested in restricting peddlers and solicitors from coming to their residence. The amendment also changed the permitted hours for solicitation to between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily.

A 3”x5” vinyl cling that reads “No Solicitors” can be picked up by visiting Township Hall, the Police Department or Fire Headquarters. Residents can also request one be mailed to them at no cost by calling the Clerk's Office at 248.662.0491. It should also be noted that the restriction applies only to businesses that obtain a peddler’s license from the Northville Township Police Department. There are certain classifications that are exempt from Peddling & Soliciting laws including charitable and non-profit organizations, persons qualified by Public Act 359 and political candidates campaigning or distributing literature.

Peddlers and solicitors who are issued permits from the Township allowing them to go door-to-door will be required to adhere to the restriction by bypassing residents with the displayed cling. Violations of the amended ordinance can be reported to the Northville Township Police Department. For more information, please contact the Clerk's Office at 248.662.0491.

To view the list of permitted solicitors for 2020 or to find out how to apply for a permit, please click here

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