Outdoor Fires and Open Burning

Outdoor Fires and Open Burning

Outdoor Fire Guidelines

Residents of the Charter Township of Northville may conduct an outdoor fire as long as it complies with the Outdoor Fire Guidelines listed below. These guidelines combine International Fire Code, Northville Township Ordinances, and general fire safety regulations to create a safe environment to conduct an outdoor fire. The majority of small, recreational fires for ceremonial, recreational, cooking, warmth, religious or pleasure purposes do not require a permit. Please see the Quick Reference Guide for a table of outdoor fire types, required clearance distances, locations, and permit requirements. Further information is provided in the Definitions document which provides general information, examples and photos of each type of outdoor fire. Regardless of the type of fire you conduct, all of the General Requirements must be followed at all times.

Outdoor Fire Guidelines (Full Packet)

Outdoor Fire and Open Burning Applicationfire pit

Please remember that you are legally responsible for any fire that you start. You are responsible to read and follow all of the General Requirements.

If you have further questions please contact the fire department at (248) 348-5807 or email Fire Marshal Tom Hughes.

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