New Deputy Treasurer Sworn In

New Deputy Treasurer Sworn In

New Deputy Treasurer Sworn In
Posted on 01/29/2021
Scott Frush Oath of Office

Northville Township Trustee Scott Frush was sworn in as Deputy Treasurer today by Clerk Roger Lundberg at Township Hall. Trustee Frush was appointed for this important role by Treasurer Jason Rhines. He will have the powers and perform the duties of the treasurer in the event Treasurer Rhines is absent, ill or otherwise unable to perform the duties of treasurer. 

This appointment was an easy decision for Treasurer Rhines. Trustee Frush is a Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor and Senior Portfolio Advisor at Merrill Lynch in Ann Arbor. He has written six investment management books published by McGraw-Hill. He also is past treasurer of both the Northville Educational Foundation and the Friends of the Northville District Library.

Scott Frush's resume made him an excellent candidate for the position of Deputy Treasurer,” Treasurer Rhines said. “But the primary reason I chose Scott is because he shares my commitment to safeguarding public funds, which is the primary duty of a treasurer. And while there was no requirement to appoint another elected official, I believe the public trust that comes with the position of treasurer warrants a deputy who also has been elected by the voters for another position. With that, I am looking very much forward to working closely with our Finance Department and our new Deputy Treasurer to review and, where necessary, improve the Township's financial policies and procedures and to, above all else, safeguard the public funds.”  

Trustee Frush is looking forward to the new responsibility.

“I’m honored by and thankful for the nomination as Deputy Treasurer of Northville Township and ready to assume any and all duties of Treasurer should the need arise,” Trustee Frush said. “This role will benefit our community as it will allow me to hit the ground running—together with the pledge to be an exceptional steward of the taxpayers' money—should I be called upon in the place of Treasurer Rhines.”

Congratulations, Trustee Frush!