Paperless Water Bill Request Form

Paperless Water Bill Request Form

Paperless Water Bill Request Form

This is an electronic request form that will be sent to Northville Township for you to receive all future water bills by email. You will need the sequence number that can be found on a copy of your current water bill to process this request. Please enter all fields for the request to be properly completed.

Contact Information


Service Address:

Service Address 2:

City, State, Zip Code:


Email Address:


Record/Sequence Number:

This is a 10-digit number located on a copy of your water bill. It can be found in the center portion of the bill, under the service address.



By submitting this form I agree to receive all of my future water bills and statements from the Charter Township of Northville electronically through the email I provided. I understand that the utility bills are due bi-monthly and it is my responsibility to make timely payments even in the event that I may not receive the notification.

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