Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes

The agenda for the current month’s Zoning Board of Appeals meeting is posted on this page Friday afternoon prior to the meeting. A synopsis of the meeting is typically posted the day after the meeting.

Meeting Date Agendas Approved Minutes Meeting Synopsis
8-18-2021 Agenda    

Agenda Items
 6-16-2021 Agenda

Agenda Items
Minutes  Synopsis
5-19-2021  Agenda

Agenda Item #1
Minutes Synopsis 
4-21-2021 Agenda Minutes  Synopsis 
3-17-2021  Agenda Minutes Synopsis 
2-17-2021  canceled canceled  canceled 
1-20-2021 Agenda Minutes  Synopsis 
Agenda  Minutes  Synopsis 
Agenda Minutes  Synopsis 
canceled canceled canceled 
 09-16-2020 Agenda   Minutes Synopsis 
Agenda  Minutes
Agenda  Minutes  Synopsis
Agenda Minutes  Synopsis
04-15-2020  canceled   canceled  canceled  
03-18-2020  canceled  canceled  canceled  
02-19-2020  Agenda Minutes  Synopsis
 01-15-2020 Agenda  Minutes  Synopsis
 12-11-2019 Agenda  Minutes Synopsis
11-20-2019  Agenda  Minutes  Synopsis
no meeting n/a n/a 
09-18-2019 Agenda Minutes Synopsis
08-21-2019 Agenda Minutes Synopsis
07-17-2019 Agenda Minutes Synopsis
06-19-2019 no meeting n/a n/a
05-15-2019 no meeting n/a n/a
04-17-2019 no meeting n/a n/a
03-20-2019 no meeting n/a n/a
02-20-2019 no meeting n/a n/a
01-16-2019 Agenda
Minutes Synopsis


Meeting Minutes

If you would like minutes from past meetings, please contact the Planning Department at (248) 348-5800 or click here to request by email.